Video streaming in the midst of disasters…a necessary evil?

Watching and listening to the gasps of those at the edge of the Japanese tsunami through video streaming was heart wrenching. It’s so unlike those black-and-white photos that we used to see on daily newspapers. It’s so much “closer” and more emotional, and immediate. Just a few hours – in some cases, just a few minutes – after the disaster struck Japan, the whole world was “virtually transported” to the coastlines of Japan where the tsunami waves mercilessly wiped out entire villages. We were right there, with those terrible crashing noises and all. In one sense, I’m grateful to live in an age where we’re so “connected”. Yet there’s something overwhelming about it as well. Video streaming in the midst of disasters like this is resulting in us two conflicting emotions, a burning desire to help or an apathy fueled by news – unfortunately, mostly disasters – overload. A human heart is a mysterious thing.

Photo by Associated Press

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