Is the quality of your online video delivery on a par with your brand quality?

Streaming Media Magazine recently had an article titled “Social Media Strategies: Video Is the Killer App” by Jose Castillo (read the full article here: In it, Mr. C provides three mythbusters: One, we need a viral video! Two, if we just put all our existing video online, people will watch that! Three, people want to hear about us and our products! He subsequently elaborates on these points and concludes that online video is indeed effective in engaging the consumers.

Now, what he seems to take for granted in this article is the QUALITY of video streaming. You can have the most sound marketing strategy for your online video, but all the back-end stuff such as your media server, its hosting network, etc. needs to work flawlessly to realize the desired result from your consumers. Not just the quality of your video content, but is the quality of your video content DELIVERY on a par with your brand quality? You can shoot a 1080p HD video on one of those super expensive camcorders that George Lucas would use, but if you are delivering it online as a choppy 360p standard video streaming where your consumers are seeing that dreaded “buffering wheel” spinning perpetually, your hard work (and money!) is for naught!

So, when you are ready to deploy a web and/or mobile video streaming campaign, be sure to have all your ducks in a row as far as the streaming capabilities are concerned.

As we marketers always say, it’s all about perception! A good content delivered greatly is perceived better than a great content delivered poorly!

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