Apple vs. Samsung: Clash of the Titans

Okay, we all know the business world is very litigious. So, when we hear that a company sued another, we usually pay little attention. But this one is pretty interesting. Granted that Apple suing Samsung for its smartphone design was a just good piece of news in the U.S., but in Korea, it was a headliner. When its biggest business entity got sued by the most powerful tech company in the world, it couldn’t help but notice. Then as expected, Samsung turned around and counter-sued Apple.

Now, what’s interesting is how these two tech Titans are going about with their legal battles. Apple claims that Samsung is a copycat of its smartphone design. I held one of those Galaxy S phones, and yes, it feels very much like an iPhone. But then again, I feel like it’s a bit of stretch. Nowadays, when you stand just a few feet away, most of smartphones look pretty much the same, at least to me (yes, I wear a pair of D&G glasses). On the other hand, Samsung claims that Apple copied its data delivery method, which I’d think can be quite easily analyzed and quantified.

This Clash of the Titans seems to revolve around two different principles: design and technology. Since I’m not a patent lawyer (one LSAT was enough for me to realize that I won’t have ESQ on my business card), I can’t assess the weight of these legal claims, but to an ordinary citizen like me, I feel as though Apple’s move in this case is not a “ripe one”.

So, we, the lowly earthlings, will just have to watch this round of the Clash of the Titans and see who comes out on the top. Let’s get ready to rumble!

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